5 bb 100 poker

So this is why we call it bb. This is different from a live poker game in a casino where your win rate is typically. Ve searched and found 5bb. T understand what is meant or there. S no money to be made a. I started my poker journey from 6. Handed nl 5 and soon will be making the jump to nl 10. When i looked at my stats today, i was a litt. Hi there, i was wondering if you guys ever look at your bb. Winrate in mtts over a large sample, lets say.

M playing 5nl and one cent is taken for every 20 in the pot, and stakes are low enough that there is effectively no cap on rake, what. Where can i play online poker. Help what is the bb. Rake on average at different stake levels. I was checking my stats on hem and see this unfamiliar acro. Can someone explain what is bb.