Check in the dark poker definition

By checking dark, all you do is limit your options, which is never wise. Re in the bb and the action folds to the cutoff who makes a standard opening raise. The sb folds and you call with qh8h. Suppose you check in the dark and the flop comes down jh. To make a check in poker means to continue the game without any additional bets from your side. After the check action moves to a player sitting on the left from you, and you are having an option to make a fold, call or raise in future. If any of your opponents makes a bet after your check. For example, you are playing at the table of nl. S one very specialized situation in live poker when i check in the dark. Checking in the dark is a terrible play.

Ein spieler checkt in the dark, wenn er seinen check ankündigt, bevor die nächste karte geteilt wird oder bevor er seine karten gesehen hat. Is in relation to the game of poker and may also be known as. It is a very similar action to. A check in the dark is like a bet in the dark, but with a check. It means to announce prior to a betting round that one will check. Created by tlr on july 23,. A declaration by the player who is first to act before a community card is dealt, declaring a check regardless.