Anderson cooper time slot

Anderson cooper moves to 10 p. Gets a time slot and. Trying it out in a new, more competitive time slot of 8pm, anderson cooper. Finishes fourth among other cable news programs. That makes the primetime slot. The lowest for the time period since at least oct. 1, , tv newser noted, which is. As far back as nielsen electronic records go. S show only adds a second hour on monday nights. The rest of the week is filled with non. Fiction shows from lisa ling, mike rowe and john walsh. Taking its place in the competitive 8 p. Time slot will be the cable news network. Time flagship show, ac. Anchored by the silver fox himself, anderson cooper.

Commonly shortened to either ac. Is an american television news show hosted by the american journalist anderson cooper on cnn and broadcast around the world by cnn international. American journalist anderson cooper. S new panel show, ac. Later, which fills the 10 p. Time slot on cnn, has been officially cut from the network. Several news outlets were quick to jump on anderson cooper. S soft first week in his new time slot at 8 p. Which ran from august 8 to august 12. For its first week in its new. And more competitive. Time slot, anderson cooper. Finished fourth among the cable news competition, averaging.