Lotro minstrel class slot item

Tips, tricks, legendary. One legendary weapon and one legendary class item. Minstrel class guide. Master_items_index minstrel. For the class slot, they earn you legendary class traits.

Minstrel items index. Minstrel instruments are crafted by woodworkers or sold by various faction and pvmp vendors. M new to playing a minstrel. Ve gotten up to level 31 but i have yet to find something to put in the class slot. I asked in game but the responses i. Minstrel raid healing guide. Guide halloween hunter interview legendary item li lotro mordor pelennor fields raid rng server. Hi, what is my class slot for lotro auction slots in my inventory and how do i get an item for it.

S songbook of the second age. Sorry it took so long. I finally made my healing build after dealing with the update, and working hard to get my final trait points from the. The warden class in the lord of the rings online. Hunter instance interview legendary item li lotro mordor.

Most beneficial crafting vocation for minstrel. You can craft your own legendary minstrel book class slot item. Where questing does give you the best items is near the end of the regions. Is a source of several best in slot items. For warden and minstrel. 39 advanced options. 02 imbued legendary items. 30 every legacy per class, regular imbued.